• just_a_girl by Kirsten Krauth

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    "… straddles YA and adult literary fiction in the same way as Tim Winton's Breath … Layla's is a unique voice. A beautifully told story.” — Cameron Raynes

  • Kirsten Krauth

    Novelist. Blogger. Editor. My first novel just_a_girl just published. I blog on all things literary and filmy at Wild Colonial Girl

    "just_a_girl is a complex and timely novel, the first book by a strong writer who is not afraid to go to honest, dark places." 
    — Angela Meyer, LiteraryMinded blog

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Kirsten Krauth, Felicity Castagna + Irina Dunn, Varuna/Sydney Writers' Festival. Photo:

Kirsten Krauth, Felicity Castagna + Irina Dunn, Varuna/Sydney Writers’ Festival. Photo: Bette Mifsud.

Talking with Natasha Mitchell (Life Matters) and Michael Cathcart (Books + Arts Daily) on Radio National, live from the Bendigo Writers’ Festival, about just_a_girl and girls growing up too fast.

Author appearances at Sydney Writers’ Festival, Clunes Booktown, Bendigo Writers’ Festival, NSW Writers’ Centre’s Forest for the Trees in 2014 and Open Access seminar in 2013.

Guest-blogger at Varuna/Sydney Writers Festival in 2014.

Danielle Binks, at Kill Your Darlings blog, imagines an Alex Award (introducing teen readers to adult books) and lists just_a_girl in the top 10.

Donica Bettanin, programming coordinator for The Wheeler Centre,  named just_a_girl as one of her BEST READS for 2013. Donica described it as a book “which vividly took me back to being a young woman grappling for the first time with sexual power and vulnerability”. December 2013.

“One of the last books I read in 2013 was also one of the best.”
Shannon at Giraffe Days blog named just_a_girl as one of her top 10 (oz) reads for 2013. December 2013.

“After reading just_a_girl, I’m unable to forget Layla. She’s left a piece of herself behind. I commute from Western Sydney to the city every day and I see echoes of her. The closing image of just_a_girl left me with a chill that’s settled into my bones.”
Michelle McLaren, Book the the Future blog, chooses just_a_girl as one of her top 5 books for 2013. 31 December 2013.

Featured in ‘Readings 50 Great Reads by Australian women’. See full list. December 2013.

just_a_girl gets a recommendation on Kill Your Darlings blog as a book to watch, along with many other fine Australian women writers.

just_a_girl hits number 4 spot on the Gleebooks bestseller list.

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